Indigenous Philanthropic Professionals Report

When CHANGE Philanthropy (CHANGE) released their second Diversity Among Philanthropy Professionals (DAPP) Report, we at Native Americans in Philanthropy took a deeper dive into their data on Indigenous professionals in philanthropy.

We are excited to share this Indigenous Philanthropic Professionals Report as we continue our mission to increase accurate and relevant data on Native representation in the philanthropic sector.

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During this webinar, we discussed key findings from the Indigenous Philanthropic Professionals Report with the following featured speakers:

  • Joseph Ironhawk Little (Oglala Lakota and Gabrieleno Tongva), Data & Research Associate, Native Americans in Philanthropy
  • Lyle M. Kan, Interim National Director, CHANGE Philanthropy
  • Carly Bad Heart Bull (Dakota/Muskogee Creek), Executive Director, Native Ways Federation
  • Dana Arviso (Navajo), Unite:Ed, University of Washington


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